Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Challenge puzzle!

A cracking puzzle.

(Thanks to "Nrich" for the puzzle and take a look here for more -  Click me for nrich )

Remember that there are 50 Vivos available for the first correct answer given or sent to Mr Whitehouse.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Open evening winner......

Thank you for coming to our open evening on Thursday night, it was great to meet so many new faces.

The winner of our lowest unique positive integer competition, who will be sent a brand new scientific calculator, is Sonny from Shakespeare Primary who gave the answer of ..................1.    Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one!

A calculator will be put in the post on Monday - well done Sonny!

Other numbers that were submitted

0 - not a winner because 0 is not positive....sorry :(
2 - entered twice
3 - entered three times
4 - entered four times
6 - entered three times
7 - entered three times
10 - entered twice
17 - entered twice
32 - entered twice

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Open Evening - Thursday 15th September (6pm - 8pm)

Starting to think of which secondary school your family should use, interested in a change of scenery or just fancy a look around at the great facilities we have?

Come along to our open evening this Thursday (15th September, 6pm - 8pm) and meet the staff and some of our students at the only mixed Faith secondary school in the area.

Make the maths department your first destination where everyone can make themselves a mocktail and enter an easy competition to win a great prize!

See you Thursday!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Can maths solve the problems of society?

A really good discussion regarding whether society's ills are a result of income differential or whether it is just bad maths....take a look...


Is this maths being used to help real world problems or the wrong tool for the wrong job?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This is why there are so many equal finishes in swimming.....

Absolutely fascinating article explaining why there are so many equal finishes in swimming...

It's a real life example of error bounds!

Take a look - Click me

ASAPMaths - Learning To Learn - Year 7 - Aut 1 Module - Extension

The academic year is split into modules that are each 6 weeks long.  Over time we intend to produce playlists explaining and extending the topics that will be taught so that you have the opportunity to make the most of lesson time.  In addition these are great places to review topics before a test or to get extra help with your homework.

Yr 7 - Autumn 1 Module - Extension

Friday, 12 August 2016

The necessity for for problem solving skills.

Want to see what jobs we are destined to lose to machines and those that we won't.....take a look below...